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5 ways to become a professional digital marketer

5 ways to become a professional digital marketer

Our lives are more intertwined with the digital space than it was 10 years prior. With a lot of attention on the digital space, it is no surprise that the face of marketing has also changed. 

From reaching their target audience to educating and informing them about products, brands are investing heavily in digital marketing. 


Whatever stage you are in your business, building a strong online presence is very important. That is why brands are on the lookout for professional digital marketers. Digital marketers who have relevant skills in marketing are highly sought after and well compensated for their services. 


So, what are the necessary steps you can take to become a well sought after digital marketer. We have gathered seven tips that we know will be of great help.


                                                                        Attend Networking Conferences


You can get knowledge on digital marketing from different sources on the internet, however, you can not compare these resources on the internet to investing in on-site conferences. What conferences do for you is that it allows you to meet with experts in the field and learn directly from them. It also gives you a platform to network with other digital marketers. 


These conferences are set up to help you better understand the field you are in from experts that have faced some of the challenges you are facing now and have been able to come out successful at the other side. They give you a head start and you also get an insight into where the market is heading in the nearest future. 

If you are lucky, you may even get a chance to be mentored by one or two of these digital marketing experts. Conferences give you a fresh insight and a different view of things. You are introduced to the world of digital marketing  from the point of view of experts. 

So, on your journey to becoming a professional digital marketer, attending conferencing is a good way to start. 


                                                                               Join a  Professional Body


Attending conferences is good and allows you to know what is happening in your field. Taking it a step further, you need to join a professional body. Becoming a member of a professional body opens a lot of opportunities and boosts your credibility. 


Digital marketing is a global industry that is why you need to sit under a professional body that helps you boost your professional credibility. 


You might, however, need to complete a certificate program to join a professional body. 


                                                              Find a Digital Marketing Internship


As a digital marketer, an internship position is a great opportunity to in a work environment that boosts your skills in marketing. You will be exposed to lots of practical knowledge in marketing as well as learn from the mistakes and success of people who have gone ahead. 


Furthermore, an internship expands your portfolio as a digital marketer. It is also a great way to discover yourself and what aspect of digital marketing you hope to build a career in. you could focus on being a creative copywriter or work towards becoming a social media handler. 

Agreed, you can learn a lot of things on your own but you are going to be doing yourself a whole lot of good getting more experience via an internship. You get real life experience and solve real marketing issues.   

                                                             Be a Content Creator


The best way to get better as a digital marketer is to be one. You can improve on your digital marketing skills by creating digital marketing related content.  Writing or talking about digital marketing will help you refine your own concepts and values. 


You can achieve this  by maintaining a blog to write marketing related articles, or posting videos on social media platforms on marketing related topics. 


Also, take every opportunity you can to market a product or services. Practice makes way for perfection.


                                                                Learn from Digital Marketing Experts


Attending digital marketing conferences and joining a professional body is great, however, if you are just starting out as a digital marketer there are still a lot of great online materials on digital marketing. 


Luckily for newbies in digital marketing, experienced digital marketers have been kind enough to create contents expliciting discussing the topic and made it accessible for beginners. Being marketing experts themselves, they have been able to place these contents where anyone with interest can access them.

Digital marketing experts like Niel Patel and Neal Schaffer are well known in the industry and have made significant contributions towards educating digital marketing newbies. 

Having all these at your fingertips, it will be wise enough to grab every opportunity you have. All the resources are out there for your taking. 



Understanding that you cannot become a professional digital marketer overnight helps you trust the process. To attain that level of experience and expertise, you need to start from somewhere. 


You could attend conferences or even go online to access resources on digital marketing. All in all make sure that you start from somewhere and you keep moving.


Most importantly, do not forget to face every challenge headson and use it as a stepping stone to gain more knowledge. It is the solutions that you provide to these challenges that builds you up to become a better digital marketer. 

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