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Drones, the perfect eagle’s eye

Drone Videography is one of the best ways to connect with potential customers. As a unique brand, you need to tell your story in a unique way! Hence the use of drones in video production.Gone are the days when you needed a helicopter and a cameraman to take an aerial shot of a video, now, drones have taken over. With a lot of people's attention on video content, now is the best time to leverage on videos for your business.

A drone can provide a unique aerial footage of a location or event which is a great way to give potential customers a good view of all you have to offer. With a lot of new techs popping up here and there in the videography industry, drones are now able to capture a full HD video footage.

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Drone Videography
Drones can shoot and record at 4k resolution

Flying a DRONE to get the perfect shot
Flying a DRONE to get the perfect shot

Drones can shoot and record at 4k resolution
Drones can shoot and record at 4k resolution
You need a drone pilot!

We know how bad you want to increase revenue in your business, every business wants that. The more reason why you should look into video production to give clients a visual representation of what you have to offer.

Promoting a successful business online goes beyound creating a website. You would need to also effectively market your brand to a specific target audience. Here is why you need a drone shoot for your commercial video…….Let's look at it this way, you are a real estate company, and your commercial video only feature pictures and video clips of the apartments and buildings…this is good but is it good enough?

Your customers deserve all the juicy details! A drone footage gives potential customers more detailed info about the environment of the structure you are trying to showcase.They get to see the environment and a full picture of the house.In essence a 3D view!

Even if you are not a real estate company, drone videography can also be great for your video production. We understand that you might not be a master at drone videography, that is why we are offering our services. Praxis Studios for the past 5 years has been helping businesses and corporate organizations to professionally market their products and services to their target audience. We have all the equipment and experienced personnel you need to shoot a professional video production!

We have been there before!!

It is one thing to know that you want a successful business, it is another thing to understand how to build a successful business!! Let us help you achieve this.

Look at it, according to Mordor Intelligence, The drone industry is expected to grow at 15.37% CAGR over the next five years. What this mean is that the demand is high.

You see all those special effects you see in movies and commercial videos from the sky, yes…. All those beautiful aerial shots that pan smoothly across buildings and landscapes well that is the work of a drone pilot and a drone. In this case, Praxis Studios, is here to be your drone pilot!

To build a sucessful business, you need to give people what they want to see! Videos naturally increase viewers engagement, a drone footage will automatically 10X the number.

Yes we have all been there before, struggling to get the right content to dish out.This is why you need an agency that can internalise your brand message and help you build a strong online presence

Let Praxis Studios be that agency for you!

We can fly your brand….

Praxis Studios is a full service branding agency that has in the past half decade helped businesses around the world get their message across to their target audience.

Every business needs customers, we go the extra mile to assist you in doing all you need to do to get these customers. We take our job seriously that is why we go all out for our clients even if it means flying a DRONE to get the perfect shot.

All we need from you is a go ahead and we are up!

Let’s get talking about that commercial shoot your business so desperately needs right now! It’s high time you give your customers an update on your business!!

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What you stand to gain…

Drone videography poses a lot of benefits to your business. If you need a fresh angle to your digital content, then I suggest you start considering the potential of a drone video.

As a brand on the lookout for fresh contents, drone videography poses the following benefits:

  • Unique Film Footage: This is one of the things I personally love about drone videography! It allows you to capture stunning aerial video footage. If that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is!
    It is a great way to capture your business from a distinct vantage point. What better way to do that than to go skyhigh!

  • High Quality Footage: When the quality of your video production is top notch, you are sure to get better engagement. Who doesn’t like good things! Give your customers the best!
    With a lot of advancement, drones are now able to capture sturdy video footage while you take all the tricky action shots you want.

  • Affordable way of taking aerial video shots: yes, unlike when you need a helicopter and a cameraman to take aerial shots, with a drone, you can even fly it yourself! Well provided you have a license.Drones have considerably shrunk the cost of capturing high quality aerial video shots. Now producing professional video content for your business just got 10X easier!

  • Minimal disruption: with drone videography, you can take all the footage you want without disturbing the entire neighborhood. Also this gives your brand a more professional look when doing production.
    Imagine uploading the behind the scenes of your video production and we can see all your setup and equipment. Now your customers know you mean business, and you will go an extra mile to give them the best!

  • Gives your brand an edge in the competitive market: Take your audience breathe away with stunning aerial footage. As a real estate agency, you can showcase your properties and its surroundings, focusing on its accessibility to school, local businesses, medical facilities and public infrastructures.
    The tourism industry is not left out. Mesmerize your audience with aerial video shots of tour resorts.
    As you have seen you need all the tools available at your disposal to ake your marketing more effective! There is no better time to reach out to us than now!


We come as a team. Yes, as a full service branding agency, we advise you on everything that has to do with your branding.

Look at it this way, you hire a drone pilot and he takes aerial video shots for your business. This is great but what next?

Without a good contingent marketing plan all your efizzy will go down the drain in a matter of seconds!

That is why we are here, we know that apart from just drone videography, you will need help in shooting the entire commercial video, build or rebrand your official website, do a corporate photoshoot for your products and also create professional graphics across all your social platforms.

Here is the trick that most people are not aware of. To get the best out of all the money you invest in marketing, you need to get everything right! No man left behind.

This is why you will be doing your business a lot of good this year by choosing to work with us.


  • Do I need a permit to fly a drone?
    Yes, you need a permit to fly a drone. However, Praxis Studios has all the certificates that you need. We have a certified drone pilot ready to take all the aerial shots for your business.

  • Can your drones also be used indoors?
    Of course, we have specific drones that can be used for indoor events, but we put safety first. If we see that the space is too small for a drone, we are not going to shoot. Your safety matters a lot to us.

  • How do I contact you?
    You can Call or WhatsApp us on 08039306507 or email us at

  • Can I visit your office?
    Yes, We are located at 52, Ogunnusi Rd, Ojodu Berger, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Can I pay in installments?
    Yes, you can.

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Random Images

Drone Videography
Drones can shoot and record at 4k resolution

Flying a DRONE to get the perfect shot
Flying a DRONE to get the perfect shot

Drones can shoot and record at 4k resolution
Drones can shoot and record at 4k resolution

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