The Rise of Drones in Cinematography

Gone are the days when you need a cameraman in helicopter to capture an aerial shot. Drones are now used to capture amazing shots. It is rapidly becoming a recognized and well-paying profession.

Drone flying, according to Nigeria’s national aviation authority, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), is legal in Nigeria. Over the years, cinematographers have recognized and harnessed the usefulness of drones in movies and other content production. Making use of drones is cost effective when compared to the traditional method of employing the services of a helicopter and camera man.

There are a wide variety of drones out there, each designed to fill certain niches. That ability to fit such a wide range of operational niches while still retaining the same core idea of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) is at the core of what makes drones unique.

Wonder how you can become a Drone pilot in a few months? We have great news for you; you don't have to go all the way to ‘the abroad’ to get certified. Praxis Digital Academy is a Tech Institute that is registered and licensed to groom Drone pilot novices into professional and certified drone pilots. Our experienced instructors, well detailed course outline, conducive learning environment and practical classes are tailor made for you.

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Drone Operation
  • Safety regulations for drones
  • Pre-flight preparation
    -- Calibration -- Battery check -- Motor check
  • Working with GPS and Auto pilots
  • Risk Assessment
  • Multicopter flight SIM
  • Take off techniques
  • Landing techniques
  • Flight maneuvers – Controls
  • Working with the drone camera
  • Emergency landing techniques
  • Aerial Surveillance. - (theory and practice)
  • Working with GPS. - (practice)

Why Praxis Digital Academy...

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Fits Your Learning Style

Whatever style of learning suits you, we make use of the best learning tactics to make your learning process smooth. Our instructors are experienced and implore a learning centered approach to their teachings.

Business Operations Lessons

Learn from professionals in the field. You get full insight into the world of drone piloting, government rules and regulations, as well as how to market your skill after training.

This training is fully packed for interested minds who want to pursue a career in aerial mapping and drone piloting. We would cover a wide range of topics during the duration of your course. Below is our Drone piloting course outline:

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We know you would have a lot of expectations from this course that’s why we made sure that the course teaches you and answers all your questions on drone piloting. At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Remotely take off and control a UAV system from the ground
  • Conduct aerial surveillance
  • Work with Autopilots and Mission Planning Systems
  • Know the safety regulations for flying drones.

Practice Tests

At the end of each training module, take our test to see if you have properly assimilated what has been taught in that module. We are all about getting you the best practical experience.

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