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Video Production Services

Video is the new liquid gold. We are the perfect solution to all your videography needs. Contact us right away to get started.

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Video Marketing Services

The biggest driver of sales since 2018 is Video, as more and more brands are implementing videos in their marketing strategy.

In fact, without a video in your marketing strategy, you are leaving a huge chunk money on the tablefor your competitors to grab... provided they are also leveraging on video marketing.

How do you explain Facebook, Youtube, and Tiktok struggling to keep you on their website.

Well, that is because videos account for over 50% of internet traffic, leaving articles, pictures, and rest to share the remainder.

Video has become the No 1 way customers connect with their favorite brands and engage with them.

Videos Can increase your:

Brand Awareness

Media-rich content gets you seen and heard clearly.

Social Engagement

Followers and subscribers are more likely to share powerful videos.

Brand Trust

Your brand can build trust and loyalty with Video.

Organic Ranking

Videos embedded in your content will help it outrank competitors' pages.

Mobile Optimization

Videos optimized for mobile make your content functional across devices.


Video content is a way for your brand to reach prospects, qualify leads and convert buyers.

Customer Loyalty

Explainer videos and tutorials help existing customers maximize the value of your products and services.

Why videos?

Videos are a huge way to explain your product and services to your potential customers.

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Ready to implement Video in your marketing?

Complex information can be represented visually with Video in less than 60 secs, in an informative and entertaining way. This is why video marketers are way ahead of other marketers as they can connect and keep their audience.

At Praxis Studios, we use Videos to tell your brand story, simplify complex ideas, increase website and boost traffic and aid your audience to understand your business better and make buying decisions.

TPraxis studio is well situated to give your business the type of Video needed to scale its operations.

Below are the types of video production services we offer and how they can help you tell your brand story and convert your audience to customers.

Studio productions in Lagos
Video product demos in lagos
On-site filming

Stages of our Video Production Service

Concept Development and Scripting

Concept Development and Scripting

A Great Video begins with the Script.

This is where the journey to a great video begins. We start by understanding your business, conducting competitors' research, and coming up with your brand story in paper.



This starts immediately after you approve the Script.

It involves Script breakdown, Location scouting, Crew negotiation, Character prepping, Scene Mapping, Equipment sorting, ironing out creative details, etc. We spend more time on this phase to make our production go smoothly.



We bring the Script to Life using Cameras.

This is the day the Video is shot, with the entire production crew doing what they love doing. Production can take between 1 - 5days, depending on the type of Video we are shooting.



We record the audio part of the script

Most Commercial Videos require Studio Grade Voice Overs. This is where we have a professional voice-over artist and a sound producer to their job inside our professional padded sound recording studio.



We JOIN the Pieces together and Render

With our high-power editing computers, the Video Editors will Edit the Video, add Music/Sound Effects, Voice-overs, and Animated transitions, then render it to a finished video and ready for your audience.

We have a dedicated team for each Stage of Production

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Corporate Promos

Videos that include your workspace,drone video of your environment, customer service, and your operational process make your potential customers feel comfortable working with you. You can use a staff or model/presenter to convey the message you have in your voice and style and get the proper connection you deserve. We can work directly with you to create a professional corporate promotional video for your company. We have the right crew to handle every step from concept development to finished project.

Corporate Event Coverage

Whatever corporate event you have; Conferences, annual general meetings, seminars, you name them, as long as it involves cameras, sound, and light, we are your best bet. We will cover all your events and deliver them to you as soon as possible without any form of delay. Praxis studios has a ready-to-travel crew to take your shots as you move, arrive, and return. It's fun for us, and we love doing it.

Studio Productions

As a full-service video production company in Lagos, our video production studio is well equipped to take on any studio production project you might have. With the best visual experts behind the camera and a full-time post-production crew, your videos will be several steps above the ordinary.

We can cover Web Demo, studio videography and photography services, product video and mock-ups, greenscreen and visual effects (VFX) studio services, or any studio production you have in mind.

Animated Videos

Animation gives life to videos; this is why we have in-house professional animators to handle our animated videos and post-production. You should expect nothing short of professional videos with captivating and modern animations when working with Praxis Studios.

With Animation, you can bring your business and story to life with visuals and sounds. The right use of visual effects and motion graphics allows data to meet design and merge into an incredible presentation.

Commercial Videos

In a world where seeing is believing, won't you love to show your potential customers what you've got? A simple 1minutes commercial video is one of the videos we love creating. Let's show what your business place looks like, who you are, what you have to offer and the process behind what you do.
Commercial video works better with product-based businesses. Get in touch with the best video production company in Lagos, Nigeria, as we are ready to create a commercial video for your brand at a discounted rate.

Short Films

Storytelling is a form of marketing that keeps your audience glued to the screen. We can tell compelling and captivating stories with cameras and have your audience pay attention to you and what you have to say. Do you have a story in your mind? or on paper? We can take it to the screen to attract your target audience.
From Short Films to Full-Length feature films, we are your ready partner film production company in Lagos.

Drone & Aerial Videos

With our 4k DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro drones the world of visual representation is in your hands. This kind of visual marketing speaks for itself; real estate properties with aerial images sell 68% faster than those without them. Our creative insight, best-in-class drone technology, award-winning pilots, and expert project management work together to bring your vision to life. Hire us for your next project.

Product Demos

Product Demos are a way to show your users firsthand how your product can help them. Using the high-quality mock-up, studio-grade voice-over, and compelling storytelling, your users will better understand how the product will solve their problems and help them make quicker buying decisions. For a good product demo and other videography services in Lagos, reach out to us now.

Video Testimonials

Most times, the best videos are the ones that come directly from your customers. Social proofs are the most significant sales motivator. People want to be sure that others are satisfied with your product... and with the right testimonial videos, you are a few steps away from closing several sales/deals without lifting a finger.
Let us cover your testimonial videos right from your company space, or we can go to your customer's location to get them to talk about you.

Motion Graphics Promo

The purpose of motion graphics is to breathe new life into infographics by adding some movement and sound while promoting your company's brand and message. A good motion graphic allows the viewer to go on a visual journey using narratives instead of simply scrolling through data on a screen. We use Motion graphics to add interest, grab attention, or bring to life what may otherwise be uninteresting and hard-to-understand. Are you looking for an Animation studio in Lagos? The Animators at Praxis Studios dedicate their time learning about your brand and the message you would like to promote before we go on the journey to produce an animated video that will speak for itself.

2D Animation

With 2D Animation, the imagination is unlimited. 2D Animated storytelling can be used to promote a new product, explain scientific ideas, illustrate an operational process or envision futuristic concepts. We work very closely with you to tell your brand story.

The powers of 2D Animation and visual effects only get stronger, bigger, and with us even more accessible. We strive to be the best 2D Animation studio in Lagos, delivering exceptional 2D animated videos to businesses across Nigeria, Africa, and Worldwide.

On-Site Filming

From our shores in Lagos, we are with you every step of the way to capture the moments. Whether it's a commercial video or a corporate event, we can give you our professional touch. Do you have several days to shoot? Or just a one-day shoot? We are ready to plan, shoot and edit your videos right on your location. We can shoot and edit on the go with our Live Production crew.

Vox Pops

Man on the street video provides a real connection between your brand and your potential customers. This high engaging content allows you to ask questions and get real honest feedback on the go. This is a window to get social proofs and validations, proving how authentic your brand is. Vox pops can be covered and converted to highly viral videos and create enormous awareness for your brand. We can go on the street and shoot the best street interview for your business, get the honest opinion of your users, and deliver it to you in MP4, well-edited and ready to be played across all digital platforms.

Video Blogs

Ready to shoot video content for your vlogs, youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Vimeo? Or you want to create a course for sale on digital platforms, We've got you. We can shoot and edit your videos for your content, from shot skits to full-length movies; we can plan, shoot and edit without any effort on your part. We have an ever-ready production crew specifically for all your video needs. Get in touch with the best content creation and video production agency in Lagos, Nigeria.

3D Animation

We specialize in high-quality studio Animation from concept to completion. Our studio focuses on developing and producing fast animated news, engaging and original Animation for delivery across multiple media channels. We cover all phases from concept art and pre-production to modeling, rigging, and animating, all the way to final results in post-production. We handle every step of the 3D animation content workflow: from storyboards to real-time 3D production to CG animation.

Video Editing and Post Production services

Scripts and footages are not complete until they get woven together. We can take your incomplete videos and weave them together professionally without compromising the quality. We can even increase the quality of your videos by using the best colour correction and colour grading techniques and tools available in Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Our Post Production service includes Video Editing, Sound Editing, Colour Grading and Colour Correction, Motion Graphics and Animation, and Sound Mixing and Mastering.

We shoot 6k and render 4k

The world is moving very fast, so you should. 4k videos in Nigeria is no longer news. It has come to stay. At Praxis Studios, we shoot your Video with our modern 6k cameras. Your videos will come out sharp and professional with robust audio quality.

We deliver compelling and memorable visual experiences for scripted productions and live events.Praxis Studios is also one of the top camera rental companies in Lagos. We own several high-end cameras like Red Epic Dragon 6k, Blackmagic Pocket 6k Pro, Sony Alpha A7iii, Canon 5D Mark iv, Nikon D810, and several others.

Support your brand mission with the right video marketing strategy - Hire the best video production agency in Lagos.

We work closely with our clients when establishing goals and objectives for their media needs. Our team of experts uses a wide range of industry-tested tools, resources, and techniques to analyze your business, customers, and competition. At the end of our analysis and audit, we submit a comprehensive report on our findings, including explicit and informed recommendations about the next steps to take in your media and animation project.

Praxis team consists of videographers and content developers with extensive experience in scriptwriting, producing, directing, shooting, and editing video content for individuals and brands in Nigeria.

Marketing is much more than data and US dollar signs; it's a way to convey your brand message, company values, and your business ethics. Your narrative is the differentiator as every business message is unique. Our team of expert videographers and scriptwriters is ready to tell your brand story and create a torrential flow of buyers to your business.

Our video production services capture the emotion, value, and personality behind your brand and deliver it to the screen. These prompt buyers to flock to your business, vendors to partner with you, and customers to stick with you.

When you work with us, you'll get:

Seasoned scriptwriters

Seasoned scriptwriters

Studio-Grade Voice over

Studio-Grade Voice over

Experienced on- and off-camera interviewers

Experienced on- and off-camera interviewers

In-studio production options via Praxis's very own studio

In-studio production options via Praxis's very own studio

A travel-ready camera operator, video crew, and a team of video editors

A travel-ready camera operator, video crew, and a team of video editors

Post-production services for the footage we've shot or raw footage you already have

Post-production services for the footage we've shot or raw footage you already have

A video animation team that can create 2D and 3D animations

A video animation team that can create 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics.

Seamless client collaboration

Seamless client collaboration through a dedicated project manager

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