Videography Masterclass

Let's take you by the hand and show you how to turn yourself into a self-made Professional Cinematographer & Film Maker

Do you have a video idea? Well, you have the opportunity to shoot it using our top-notch resources during the training period.


  • Course Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Time: 10am - 4:00pm
  • Requirement: Basic Knowledge of Computer

Have you ever thought about the process behind that blockbuster movie that you can’t stop talking about? Or better still do you have a flair for script-writing, acting, or photography? Do you want to create a career path in the film industry? You are in the right place. With mapped out course outline, practical lessons and projects on script writing and film production, Praxis Studios provides you with a four weeks intensive training on Film making.

Film making is an influential and beautiful art that has kept the world glued to the screen. Our course in videography & cinematography will take you on a voyage from pre-production, to production and finally post-production. We can boldly say, we are the most practical based Film School in Lagos, Nigeria. We are all about practical knowledge as such at the end of the course, you would be given a project to shoot your first film!

We Give You Full Access to our Film school equipment

Do you have a video idea? Well, you have the opportunity to shoot it using our industry standard resources during the training period.



  • Who is a Videographer
  • The Video Production Industry
  • Camera Types
  • Camera Operation Hands‐on Introduction to Camera and different settings
  • Practical Introduction to Sony Cameras
  • Practical Introduction to Canon Cameras
  • Practical Introduction to Nikon Cameras
  • Practical Introduction to Black Magic Cameras
  • Lens Types, Filters and Polarizers
  • Things to look for when buying a Lens
  • Focal Length Exposure, F‐Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO
  • Depth of Field
  • Resolution: 4k vs 1920px vs 1080px
  • Frame Rate: 24fps vs. 30fps vs. 60fps vs. 120fps


  • Developing Content for the Media
  • What you should know about your story idea
  • Basic screenplay structure in scriptwriting
  • Introduction to Fadein and Final Draft
  • How to make those ideas resonate with the audience
  • How to build characters when writing your story
  • How to write a script A - Z


  • The Set
  • Production Props
  • Rules of Composition
  • 5 Cinematic Settings every Film Maker should use
  • Outdoor and Indoor Production
  • Location Negotiation and Management
  • The Making of a Movie set, TV Series, Short Films, Music Videos


  • Lighting Terminology & Concepts
  • Types of lighting units
  • Colour temperature and White Balancing
  • Lighting for Emotional Impact & different creatives
  • Exposure and Dynamic Range
  • Studio Lighting and Indoor Lighting
  • A 3 Point Cinematic Lighting
  • Outdoor and Natural Lighting
  • Using Gels, Diffusers, Filters, and Polarizers
  • Lenses and Lighting Effects


  • Sound Terminologies
  • Types of Sound Equipments
  • Working with Boom Mic/Shootgun Mic
  • Working with Label Wireless Transmitter Mic
  • Seihenser Mk416 vs Rode NTG 3
  • Introduction to Adobe Audition for Sound Recording, Enhancement and Mastering
  • External Audio Recording
  • Operating Zoom H6 - 6 Channel Audio Recorder
  • Best Audio Settings & Mic Placement
  • Sound Effects and Ambient sound
  • Tips to Improve Your AUDIO
  • Licensed Music and Sound Tracks
  • Avoiding Copyright flag down


  • Best Gimbals and Stabilizers
  • Operating a Zhiyun Crane Gimbal
  • Operating a Ronin S Gimbal
  • Operating a Ronin M 3 Axis Gimbal
  • Operating a Manual SteadiCam
  • Operating a Mini Jib Stabilizer
  • Operating a Track and Dolly
  • 10 Cinematic Camera Angles to Enhance Your Films
  • 5 Tips For Shooting Handheld
  • 5 Keys to Smooth Gimbal Shots
  • 10 Unique Motorized Gimbal Movements
  • The 7 Core Tripod Movements


  • Introduction to Aerial Shots using Drones
  • Types of Drones
  • Components of A drone & controller
  • Drone settings & options
  • Practical Take off & landing
  • The 3 different flying modes
  • Shooting 4k Video with DJI Drones
  • Drone for Photography
  • Drone shoots for all production types
  • Safety guidelines enforced by the FAA


  • A Director and the Script
  • Production Manager
  • Plotting and Blocking
  • Checklist for starting out on location
  • 6 Ways to get a positive crew energy
  • Continuity, Timing and Clapperboard


  • Understanding Greenscreen
  • Working with a Greenscreen
  • Lighting for Greenscreen
  • Creating Visual Effects Using GreenScreen
  • 7 Greenscreen mistakes to avoid
  • How to Clone yourself in a Video Like Taooma and Maraji
  • How to create TV Commercials using greenscreen


  • Defining audience.
  • Defining the Message
  • Scripting and Screenplay
  • Creating your Story Board
  • Defining the Budget
  • Gathering the Crew
  • Gathering the Equipments
  • Gathering the Cast
  • Sourcing for Location
  • Creating a Production Schedule


    The production period will involve practicals in the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.

  • FILM MAKING(A Short Movie)

    From Story Concept, Scripting, Production Design, Acting, Shooting, Directing.


    From Planning, Production design to Shooting, Directing and set for post production


    From Story Concept, Scripting, Production Design, Acting, Shooting, Directing.

  • Production will be 100% Practical and you will be 100% involved in all the processes. Pre-Production and Production session will take 3 Weeks.

The Business of Video Production

  • Top 5 Low budget cameras for best video quality
  • Best affordable sound equipment to consider
  • Cheap lighting sets with great performance
  • How to create your brand
  • 7 Ways to Make Money from Video Production
  • Creating and managing partnerships
  • Video Marketing 101

Certification/Graduation Party

    This is the last part of the training. The collection of Certificates and graduation party will take place in one day. We make sure you have a memorable graduation ceremony.This when we certify you as a professional filmaker, but your only your work can attest to the fact that you passed through a Film school in Lagos, Nigeria.

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